Classical Guitar Lessons - Derek Hasted - Higher Poynton, Cheshire

Personal tuition - Structured syllabus - Qualified & Experienced - Patient & Professional - Complete beginners welcome

What's "Classical" Guitar then?

There are several sorts of acoustic (ie non-electric) guitar. My speciality is Classical Guitar.

"Classical Guitar" isn't classical music - as you'll hear from my videos & MP3s - it's a way of playing guitar. Here's a short video where you can see what each hand does...




The Classical Guitar has plain and wire-coated nylon strings, instead of the steel strings of a Folk Guitar.
The sound is mellow and the strings are easy to press - we don't get sore fingers!

Playing technique

We sound the Classical Guitar with thumb & fingers rather than a pick - we feel the strings and select just the ones we want, rather than having to finger them all.

Classical Technique lets us play Fingerstyle Folk, Ragtime, Electric Bass and Spanish Guitar too!


If you can't read music, I'll teach you - it's surprisingly easy & logical, and I have tricks to help you learn!

Buying a guitar

If you don't have a suitable guitar, I can recommend proven models to suit all pockets.

Pieces you'll learn

I'll teach you accessible music that spans the ages, in styles from all around the world...
Mediaeval dances & modern day classics from England, Ireland, Japan, Spain, South America & more

The video showcases a piece that you'll soon be playing if you join me as a complete beginner!