Classical Guitar Lessons - Derek Hasted - Havant Hampshire

Personal tuition - Structured syllabus - Qualified & Experienced - Patient & Professional - Complete beginners welcome

Style of guitar

  • I teach classical (fingerstyle) technique and I tailor every lesson to suit your progress
  • I'll show you how to apply this to Classical, Spanish, Folk & modern Music
  • You'll need a nylon-strung guitar - I can advise you on suitable models to buy

Term layout

  • I teach in 3 terms, nominally 10 weeks and with a half-term break
  • I can schedule extra lessons if you wish, at cost, but most people appreciate a break

Lessons plans - a structured way forward

In every lesson I will...

  • review how you have been getting on, answer your questions and correct anything that's not quite right
  • explain what we will learn next
  • teach you each new topic in detail, often supported by handouts to take away
  • explain what to practise at home and how it ties in with what we have just learned

To make your time at home work for you, I always...

  • prepare for each of your lessons, rather than teach off the cuff
  • give you a personal Practice Log listing your homework and goals - build a weekly diary of your progress
  • (for beginners) record selected exercises for you on CD so you can check your tuning and rhythm at home

Playing at home

  • For beginners, I recommend 15-30 minutes study on the majority of the days of the week
  • For intermediate players, 30-40 minutes will secure adequate progress between lessons

We're a partnership

  • I will offer every encouragement if you work hard - we'll both enjoy a sense of achievement
  • The converse is that if you are unwilling to practise at home, I'd prefer to offer your slot to someone who is
  • Let's work together to make the most of our lessons in a fun and unpressured way!
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